About Me

My name is Norik and I am living my light. I live in the bay area and love it.  I have seen the darkest side of life and have seen the brightest side of life.  This is a dream that has been in making for a very long time.  Because of the encouragement of family and friends my dream is finally becoming a reality.

I am doing this because I truly love capturing images that move me.  Sometimes I get it from an image of a child’s small hands, wrinkles on my mother’s face or a friend posing nude just because she wants to.  Ones that last a lifetime.

Beautiful images of their children, parents or their partners.

Images that show the true essence of one’s spirit.  The kind that you keep wanting to look at that lookback at you. I don’t believe in having people pose like statues.  I like seeing expressions of love and admiration on their faces looking at the ones they love.

I don’t have a studio but I know how to improvise really well.   I enjoy doing black and white and color.  It just depends on the content of the image which way I will go.

If you have any questions or need a photographer contact me here

Again, Feel free to browse. Come back and visit.  My website will be updated often. If you don’t see any images that move you it’s ok.  Thanks anyway.

Just remember life is too short and tomorrow is not promised.  Find your light and live it.